Signs you might be an Intercessor

The word of God tells us Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us: Hebrews 7:25. Intercession is the highest form of love for a person or a group. To intercede means you reconcile a situation, you defend, you protect, you sacrifice , you wait.

My own journey as an Intercessor is as unique as the next Intercessor but the thing all intercessors have in common: They bear God’s burden for his people. See God is not as interested in situations and circumstances as he is the people who are in those situations and circumstances.

Here are some clues that you maybe an Intercessor :

1. You love to spend enormous times in prayer
2. You see your prayers answered constantly
3. You have a desire to pray
4. You sense other people’s burdens
5. You fight for the underdog or those dealing with injustices
6. You may have a prophetic gift***** every prophet is an Intercessor , but every Intercessor may not be a prophet.

Here are some websites of some intercessors that helped me along the years: (Cindy Jacobs) (Barbara Wentroble )



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