How to have ” Quiet Time” with The Lord

I’m an Intercessor and when I came to The Lord back in the mid 80’s I found out I loved to pray. As I teach about prayer or on prayer individuals always ask me about the mechanics of prayer. Humans like to make things complicated.I have been saved for quite a number of years and can tell you there have been times where I have been inconsistent with my prayer life. Thank God for his grace and mercy in our times of growth.

Jesus gives us a great example for our times of prayer. Here is his pattern and this is what has worked for me .

1. Operative word here is “quiet”. When you want intimacy or closeness with someone you start with solitude/privacy.

2. Acknowledge God and be thankful for all he has done.
3. Confess your faults, sins weaknesses.
4. Ask for forgiveness. Also forgive others who hurt you.
5. Ask God to meet your needs.
6. Ask God to meet the needs of others.
7. Ask God to help you be committed to him and walk worthy of your call.
8. More thankfulness/ Worship
9. Always finish your prayers with :”in Jesus Name”
10. Be consistent. Find a prayer partner to pray with-thus can get you motivated and accountable.

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References: Mark 1:35; Mark 6:45-46; Mark 14:32-34;Luke 5:16; Luke 6:12



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