Jesus commands us to Launch out into the Deep! Luke 5:4

We live in a society that seeks to keep us distracted. TV, Internet , fashion, clubs , food, sex, music- my list can get long.

A lot is going on and it doesn’t look like it will slow down. We have to believe God more than we have in the past.

Peter the Apostle, the one Jesus name Cephas “The Rock” wasnt feeling very confident on this night. Fishing always made him feel better, somewhere quiet to retreat to gather his thoughts and something he was succesful at.

God has been sharing this word with me :Launch. The word means to set something in motion. Make something happen(my version ) or to activate your faith( my interpretation). The disciples had been out there all night with nothing to show for it , ready to give out; ready to give in. Jesus gives Peter one more command launch out into the deep- plunge your nets that way: Peter being the leader he is for a slight moment argues with Jesus but decides ill do want you ask. From that obedience he caught so much fish their nets were about to break.

1. What is God asking you to launch?
2. What Level is a God trying to take you to and through?

3. Will you depend on your skill or your faith?
4. Will you question God’s commands?

God is calling us to launch out into the deep, now the ball is in your court-what decision will you make.

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