I tell God My Struggles he gives me his : Peace Psalm 29:11

This Psalm declares that God gives his people strength and blesses them with peace! Have you ever felt weak and confused all at the same time? Well I have. I have 4 children and lost 2. I was going to be having a miscarriage in a couple of days 9 years ago and God knew it. I didn’t know it. The doctors were baffled. They could see the sac but my body was doing something they could not understand. They insisted I get a D&C( abortion). Who does a D&C when you’re pregnant? My husband and I prayed. In private God shared with me that I was going to HAVE another baby. I did not have a D&C , I prayed 2 things-God do It the natural way and don’t let my children be present . A PEACE flooded my spirit and soul. I loss that child over the weekend. I had peace but I had questions. Didn’t you promise me a baby??????? Fast forward 1 year later I had twins, with the same scenario but these children would not be lost. They are 8 now and about to turn 9 years old. I gave God my Struggle…….He gave me his PEACE. Give him your struggles……..and you won’t be the same.

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