Praying Real Prayers; Asking God Real Questions

I don’t think you should question God because that’s who he is, God! God cannot be on trial but, you can ask God questions. The reasons I love David so much is because he was raw and real with God and God was not offended. I used to be the girl who would be quick to call a friend but I have learned and I’m learning that God and I are friends. Isn’t that neat? He’s not just God, father, but he is friend.
I don’t go around being spiritual super woman. I tell God my struggles and he exchanges my weakness for his strength .

God wants a relationship with people , he doesn’t insist you relate to him with rules! Love God with all your imperfections, because God loves you right where you are and is not intimidated if you’re funky, dirty, unworthy , sinful, hurt, impatient , irrelevant , suicidal, angry, molested, raped., rejected…….. I could go on YOU fill in the blank. Doesn’t matter God loves YOU, Jesus died for YOU and The Holy Spirit guides YOU.

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