Ten things I’m Thankful for

It is so easy to complain and be ungrateful. This trait can be present in good and bad circumstances . Some people are really blessed but don’t see it and others are blessed also but they are experiencing bad circumstances. So here us my list of 10 things I’m thankful for:

1.). My salvation
2.) My relationship with Christ
3.). My husband(. I love being married /wife)
4.). My children ( 4) ( all healthy and growing )
5. ). My old friends/ my new friends
6.). I’m not in a hospital although I struggle with certain illnesses
7.). I’m thankful to God for my gifts/talents/skills
8.). I’m thankful for people
9.). I’m thankful I have hope, peace, and joy
10 .). I ‘m thankful that I’m learning who I am in Christ

P. Visit my website@www.empoweringyouministry. Org



4 thoughts on “Ten things I’m Thankful for”

    1. Hey Paulette: I’m Priscilla Crosby and I just started following Gods call on my life. My website is http://www.empoweringyouministry.org

      I was born to encourage write and sing. Pone if my spiritual gifts is Prophecy.

      Thanks for the shout out.

      Are you an artist? I sense you have a lot of hidden, untapped resources in you, once you tapped into them there going to bring joy and healing to your soul.



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