Christians don’t have time for Drama

Life is really short! When you are younger this never crosses your care free mind, but as you get older reality sinks in. As Christians our goal is to do the will of God, The Father. I hate to say this: I know we are not perfect but we create more drama then a little bit. As I mature in Christ I am learning I don’t have to have an opinion about other peoples business. If you didn’t invite me; I’m fine with that because I have enough in my own life to answer before God. Who wants to meet God and answer why you didn’t use your gift(s)? Or I gave you that opportunity why didn’t you seize upon it?

One of my favorite songs by Mary J. Blige( yes I do listen to other music besides Christian) is No More Drama! She was prophesying in that song. I have come to the conclusion I need a little thriller, suspense, romance, mystery and comedy in my life. Now sing it with me NO MORE DRAMA!

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