Don’t become Weary in this walk ! Stay focused!

There is not a day that passes that we don’t hear about some tragedy. The main thing I find disturbing is people who take their life or some innocent person who wants to live is now dead or injured by some depraved person. Yes, I believe it’s demonic. We have to remember we don’t fight flesh and blood but our battle is with the unseen. Tiredness you can recoup from with sufficient rest-weariness is usuall wrapped in hopelessness and depression. Weariness crushes any hope if recovery . You are in deep despair . Believers will get weary, but Paul admonishes not to do so “in well doing”! This is a command not some frivolous saying. We all will be faced with weariness. Paul goes on to say that we will inherit our reward if we don’t faint;in other words Give Up. Don’t give up and quit. Fight for what is rightfully yours!




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