You have to see things from Gods Perspective

I remember I worked as an asst, teacher and I was offered the opportunity to apply for the job and move up. Although I had stiff competition in my mind I knew I would get it. I prayed and believed, guess what my colleagues who I had worked with and for for 8 years thought I was not the person for the job. I was crushed and hurt beyond belief. I quit shortly after feeling unappreciated . While driving in my car the artist Tonex was singing “God has not forgot”. That song ministered so much God gave me a glimpse of what he had in store for me. It turned out it was much better than that job. At the time that was all I wanted, the job was too validate me. Thank God, he gave me his perspective about my life . God’s ways are not our way’s in plain laymen English , we need God’s perspective when it comes to our life. God already told us he knows the plans he has for us.

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