Who do Men say that Christ is in you?

For the first time in Nicodemus life he was challenged with all he grew up to know and behold as true. Seeking the master at night so he could get clarification for this curiosity that was burning in the inside. The bottom line is this: it’s not enough to READ about Jesus or listen to SERMONS about Jesus. I can read all about the engine of my car-this doesn’t make me a mechanic or knowledgable about cars. I love looking at fashion knowing the latest trends but it won’t make me a
Fashion designer or Model. Who do people say Jesus is in YOUR life? Can they tell that he is Lord or an occupant in your life. Do you have a Sunday or crisis only relationship? Reflect, are you pleased with your relationship with him? Are you kind or rude? Stingy or generous? Loving or distant? Seek Christ like Nicodemus but do it intentionally , making a decision: either I’m a follower of Christ or I’m not!

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