Satan doesn’t Play Fair !

When an assassin is assigned to kill you he uses any background information about you and any current information about you. He will study you if he is a professional. Most assassins try to be conspicuous at first but on close examination you can tell an assassin’s mark.

An assassin’s job is to take you out! Literally to kill and destroy you. He plans your early retirement and yeah he hates you.

That what Satan is an assassin. His demons are brutal and vicious and don’t rest. Jesus tells us he came to steal(thief), kill (murderer), destroy( bring division) John 10:10

Some people like to ignore him don’t be ignorant read the word. Some like to think he is equal to God- not! Some people think if you don’t bother him he won’t bother you-not!

Satan doesn’t play fair and Peter tells us to be sober (serious), be viligent (). For your enemy goes around trying to devour you!
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