Project: Freedom Part 2 Galatians 5:1

It’s been exactly one year since I went on my quest with God. I want to carry out my assignment that God gave me way before I was a thought in my parents mind. I am determined to be FREE and Stay FREE.
Paul tells us stand in the freedom that Christ has given you. I’m determined to be FREE.

I no longer concerned of what others may feel or think about me, my response to that is:Go get some business and if your saved go do your assignment,

I’m not jealous of anybody or anyone in the body . I have gifts. Will use them. Different and uniquely defined by the God in me. I really don’t want to be like anyone else anymore because guess what I learned : no matter where you go or who you think you are you’re nothing without God.
God in us outshines all the education, beauty, intelligence, social status or noriety people think they have. You will NEVER I mean NEVER have the life you could have without God. Who wants to get in God’s presence to explain I didn’t do what you ask of me? I don’t .

So there , that’s my Project : free Priscilla 🙂

P. visit my website@www. Empoweringyouministry. Org



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