Project: Freedom! Part 1. Galatians 5:1

Last June, 2012 I went on this quest to know God and my destiny and I had three specific goals in my heart.

1. I wanted to know God deeply and intimately
2. I wanted God to reveal who I really was. I had dealt with rejection for so long.
3. I wanted my freedom in Christ that was purchased for me no matter the cost.

I could not have freedom without number 1 nor 2 and by gone it free I wanted to be.

Free to know that God loves me no matter what and no matter who has anything negative to say about me. I am loved 24 hours a day 7 days a week even when I die I will be with Papa and I will still be loved.

I am free to be the person that God designed before all the rejection, abandonment, and bad experiences. Those things will not disappear but they don’t rule me any more. I rarely care what prople think about me but I’m always checking with the Holy Spirit to see if I’m alright with him.

Go read part 2………



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