Um…What exactly is Purpose?

Purpose is defined as: The reason that something exists or is created. Ephesians 2:10 We are God’s good works that he created before time began and that we should walk in them.

Have you ever used a Vacuum cleaner to clean your toilets? How about using your car to look up your bank account? Oh, wait how about sitting on your roof to watch Television?

No, I haven’t lost my mind but as silly as those things sound they all have a purpose. We need vacuum cleaners, cars, and chairs but we cannot misuse their purpose. For example, I’m was a girl I should know how to braid hair and cook, right. I can do these things fairly well but to be a hairdresser or a chef is stretching it. That is not what makes me smile or makes me spend all sorts of time perfecting and enjoying what I do .

A friend of mine loves to remind me “Stay in your Lane”! I express it differently: stop trying to be the baseball player when you’re the announcer. Stop trying to be single sign you’re married (ouch!).
Find your purpose and embrace it.

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