Your Gifts and Talents need Purpose

Romans 11:29 states that “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” In other words what God has given in talent and gifting along with your call (purpose). He won’t take it back.
It is not enough to discover your gifts and talents but you have to no what purpose will they be used towards. For example I love to create jewelry but that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to open up a shop and sell it!

I have a lot of things I’m good at but not exceptional . There are things I can do, but don’t do well or should not be doing it at a particular season . This can be alarming to those who are multi-talented but Paul, the Apostle shares a grain of truth about gifts and talents by the revealing of the Holy Spirit. Ready??
1. God has given every created person some talent and gift.
2. God has exclusive discretion about your talent and gift.
3. God has given limitations on your talent and gifting.
4. Gid has given us license to use our gifts/talents freely and joyfully
5. Your gift/talent isn’t for you
6 Your gift benefits others
7. You benefit from others gifts/talents as well.
8. Never be jealous of what someone else has; it’s ridiculous
9. Discover your gift (s) / talent(s) because you bring uniqueness to them
10. Be thankful God wants you to work with him to bring his Glory




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