Will The Real Jesus Stand Up???- Isaiah 53:3-5

I went to a church one time that said “Jesus owned a condo by the sea”. I’m still looking because Jesus proclaims he was homeless.

When it comes to Jesus we love to use the Hollywood glamorization. Jesus is gorgeous, locks flowing and eyes crystal blue . Jesus can do miracles, healings, resurrections and more. The latter sentence is true. Until recently The Holy Spirit reminded me about this as I was whining yet again about my trials and tribulations .

1. Jesus was a man of sorrows
2. He was misunderstood-by family, diciples and friends
3. Jesus got tired physically and spiritually . He was forever disappearing to pray and he was asleep when the storm came upon the disciples .
4. He was homeless
5. He hung around uneducated individuals
6. He was not handsome
7. He was rejected, ridiculed, isolated and lonely
8. His family thought he was crazy
9. Most didn’t believe in him or who he was.

I could go on. I’m bold to admit this made me happy, Why? Because all those things happened to me or will happen to me at some point. Those who know me-yes I was homeless if only but a short period.

This scripture made me look at my trials different. The only difference between Jesus and I, he was innocent! I was sinful and guilty. it took someone sinful and guilty to make me righteous and free and that’s the Jesus i know not the one interested in getting me a house, 3 cars, a poodle and 2.5 kids with impeccable behavior. Grow up and let the REAL Jesus reveal who he is in your life–cause you have one here on earth.

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