We are called to be servants; not celebrities Matthew 20:26

Jesus thinking is radical, different and filled with God’s thoughts! Any gift, skill, talent, money , influence, or favor you receive is for somebody else blessing.

His own disciples were debating over who should be first among them, could you imagine the dissension that caused? Jesus who hears and does everything the Father does, full of The Holy Spirit solves this argument by saying “he who desires to be first; must be servant of all”.
The word “servant” in our capitalistic society is a “dirty word “.

Everybody wants fame, money, and popularity. I’m not talking about unbelievers. I’m talking about the saints: where we love a mic, entertain instead of teach , lie instead of telling truth , mock the Gifts of the Spirit, and take money from people that’s not ours and buy cars,helicopters, personal assistants , houses and jewelry while never really serving the body of Christ.

Jesus never called us celebrities he called us to serve.

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