Everybody is Important and Significant, but not Relevant

I am beginning to see things from a total different perspective concerning people. Not everyone is going to embrace you as a Christian. The hardest lesson I have to learn is that my enemy is Satan not people and that my enemy is defeated.

I expect unbelievers to be hostile that makes total sense to me but when people who profess Christ hurt you, disappoint you, create drama for you then you have to live by faith FOR REAL. For example, early in my marriage if my husband was in a bad mood I was in one also. If someone didnt speak I was depressed or trying to figure out why.

I have been redeemed from the curse of low self esteem and rejection. Every person you will meet or have met is Signifucant and Important but they are not always relevant . By that I mean stop making people more “powerful” in your in your life than God is. Stop allowing people to control you with their own ungodly motives. Be free in Christ, everyday, all day!


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