Get addicted to God’s Presence- Psalm 16:11 in his presence there is fullness of joy!

The bottom line for the word addiction means: you can’t get enough of the thing you’re focused on.
Some of us have serious cravings for food, hobbies, recreational drugs, people , etc….. Our ociety encourages addictions by telling us the latest gossip, or fashion .

I have never left the presence of God disappointed. I have learned more about God in my moments with him then people telling me alone.

Yesterday in my time with him one of the things he revealed was: He desires each one of his children to experience his love. This is major for me considering I lived with rejection for years. There is a maturity that takes place when you have experienced God for yourself. I’m married and my spouse share intimacies that we do not share with our children, our neighbors, our friends but just he and I.

Stop leading God in prayer with your perception of what should take place, mature in your prayer life and let the Holy Spirit’s presence make you come back again and again. This is ONE ADDICTION that you can surely indulge in.

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