You need to Run to God-Luke 10:27

Here I go again with another Whitney Houston Ballard. Honestly I can spend time with God and he gives me the most fascinating things. Houston’s I Want to run to you (recorded in 1991)was my hearts cry this weekend. I hate coming before God whining and complaining. If most of us had the opportunity to spend time with our favorite celebrity I guarantee we wouldn’t be complaining and whining. We would be in awe. That’s the way I feel about God, I’m in complete awe of who he is and what he does. There are many circumstances and people that would try to drown the voice of God out of your life but, I choose to run to God and allow him to protect me.

I’m learning how vulnerable , how exposed and how much I need God by the overwhelming tasks of life. Don’t run from God, run to him. As Whitney sang “won’t you hold me In Your arms and keep me from all harm , I won’t to run to you”.

Love God with all your mind, soul, and body.

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