Your Enemy is not me! It’s Satan Ephesians 6:12



I was born in DC and one of the benefits of living their is their Maryland Blue Crabs. The funny thing was we would get a dozen of those crabs and put them in the pot with some Old Bay Seasoning and when you put the crabs in the pot they would literally try and pull each other in the pot while the others tried to get out.

Paul warns those in the kingdom that your real enemy is not flesh and blood but rulers, principalities , etc. then why do sheep bite and maul other sheep. We all have to deal with envy and jealousy, gossip, backbiting , etc. but we have help to overcome those things. No we cannot blame everything on the Devil, we have to take responsibility for our own sinful actions. The body if Christ needs to learn how to be kind and unified. For Jesus sakes lets stop acting like crabs!

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