FEAR is : Finding Everything Agonizing and Real

I had an unusual dose of fear in my life. Oh no, this want before I got saved it was right after I got saved ! I had fear of rejection, fear of man, fear of failure should I go on? These fears were very real to me and my imagination did not help ease them.

Fear came dressed up like doubt, unbelief, sarcasm, anxiety , worry and just plain scared!
Fear robbed me of relationships and time. No Xanax did not help me . I was tormented day and night and that is why fear is not our ally.

I have been saved since I was 14 I’m now 48 and I must say I’m just dealing with getting any type of victory over fear. I was even afraid of the devil and now I realized I wasted energy .

One thing that helped me to conquer fear in my life was making time for God. No cliche just truth. Little by little God put me back together again -whole and set free. Daily ahold confirmed to me over and over again what he had done for me and who I was in him. Fear makes us look inward at our abilities but love makes us look at God and be comforted In his ability through us.


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