Identity Found-In Jesus dealing with The Spirit of Rejection

I would love to tell you that when I accepted Jesus as my savior I didn’t have anymore insecurities, I loved everybody, I was patient and kind- not! I really had to grow in Christ but I’m still growing.
I was saved for a bit before I moved from DC to Georgia to a new church. This church had five fold Minstry ( Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and Pastor). One of the minister was teaching a class and he decided he wanted to let everyone know I had a spirit of Rejection . Of course, I wanted to cuss him out but that wouldn’t have been Christ like. I’m actually glad that I did not respond that way because his class brought the first steps of healing to my life.

We will all be rejected, but many people Carry the wounds of rejection. Jesus took our rejection and he accepted us. Now that took me years to renew my mind that I was loved because I was rejected and abandoned as an infant. Adopted and rejected some more. I needed deliverance. It wasn’t a one time I’m healed and now I don’t deal. I had to walk by faith through this. I share my testimony on my podcast by he same name. Listen, learn and get healed from a Spirit of a rejection .
Ephesians 1:8. Romans 8:15. Crosby



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