Behold!-Perceive what God is doing

I’m at a prophetic Women’s Conference in Dallas, I went to bed late and I arise early I heard God say decree and declare : that old things in your life have died. BEHOLD, all things are becoming new. (2nd Cor. 5:17)

I kept hearing the word BEHOLD! It’s time to bury the old stagnant things it your life and begin to perceive by God’s Spirit those things you’re are getting ready to receive . God is outpouring his Spirit on that which is new in your life. The OLD is dying away in your life like leaves that fall from trees in the fall. Ask God to help you BEHOLD what he is doing I. Your life. In this country. The enemy has plagued us with things that don’t matter. STOP making them matter. Open up your mouth on THIS day and declare: old things HAVE PASSED, Lord help me to behold through your eyes THE NEW in Jesus Name. If you believe this supernatural breakthrough is coming to your life like never before.



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