Who are you looking at;who are you looking to;who you looking for?

I believe what you give attention to you begin to imitate. In our everyday life it is very easy to become distracted and lose focus. Losing focus has now made many people rich. For example , we have all types of drugs that supposedly help us stay more in control or focused.

I can be a little bit if a “A”type and I can be a little bit of a “B” type as well. When I’m focus forget it a Fort Knox couldn’t get me to budge, but on the other hand when I’m distracted I can major on the minors.

The writer of Hebrews chapter 12:1-2 tell us that we have a great cloud of witnesses who are looking at us and rooting for us to finish our destinies. The writer admonishes us to lay said things that distracted us and look to Jesus who is the author of our faith.

We are encouraged to “look to Jesus”. Many of us look to ourselves, other people’s wisdom , even the world to help us finish our destiny. It is clear we are to look to the one who established and keeps our faith.

Are you looking to so called experts ? Are you looking for validation from other? Are you looking at and comparing yourself to someone else?

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