I come from alot of dysfunction . I was abandon as an infant. This left me feeling a little rejected. Later as I matured, I was molested and had several unsuccesful thank God rapes. I was excited to come to Jesus, but it was very difficult for me to believe that I was cherished/loved. If that meant like my parents, siblings, or other people treated me no thanks.

For years as a believer I had trouble believing that Jesus loved me. Over the years my christian walk is stronger and I don’t struggle so much. I just dont want to tell you but I challenge you whether you are a believer or not God CHERISHES YOU!

Read Psalm 139 and put your name in the proper places. I pray that you would as a believer get a revelation of God’s LOVE for you and as a unbeliever I pray you get a revelation of GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU. While we were yet sinners CHRIST DIED FOR THE UNGODLY. (Rom. 5:6) We were all ungodly at some point in our lives.


Go to my website and go to the links radio broadcast hear my message on YOU are CHERISHED by GOD



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