Push Past The Sanballets and Tobiahs in your Life

Philippians 3:14 states ” we should press towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus”.

Every believer should have goals. Goals keep you focused, goals help sharpen your skills, goals give you hope. Goals show you how far you have to go to reach them or they can tell you how much more you need to accomplish.

Nehemiah worked for King Artaxeres, he was his cup bearer. Nehemiah wanted to go back home to his city and repair the city. He prayed and God granted him favor allowing the King to release him. As Nehemiah attempted to build this wall, Sanballet and Tobiah laughed and harassed him. They tried to hinder the goal Nehemiah had. In the end the goals was achieved- the wall was built. That was the end result , the beginning starting with a desire and a step of faith but the middle was difficult .

Don’t let the Sanballets and Tobiahs make you quit on the desire God has given you.

Listen to the rest of this message by visiting my website@www.empoweringyouministry.org
Nehemiah 1:1-3


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