Take the “Praise Challenge”

We are inundated with negativity on a daily basis. When another human being is kind to another human being one is suspicious. We can pass all the laws we like but we can never change someone’s moral compass with the stroke of a pen.

As believers we are commander to give God “thanks”. Many of us worship God when everything is great; others worship God when they “feel ” like doing so.

Can I be honest? In my life things aren’t always going good and I don’t always feel like praising God. The Psalmist tells us that everything that has breath should praise God. In the book of Luke there were 10 Lepers that Jesus healed only one came back and he wasn’t a believer( a Samaritian). Jesus even said “wasn’t it ten of you”?

You’re challenge is to give God praise for 10 minutes. If you have trouble ask God for help; if you do not then keep going. Do it all day long, everyday, 365 days a week and watch the power of God manifest in your life in a powerful way.

Check out this message on www.spreaker.com/Priscillacrosby



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